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E-Rickshaw Batteries

Power Protector’s E-Rickshaw Battery is a boon to rickshaw drivers considering Power Protector technology that helps in achieving the lowest possible cost per kilometer. An iCAT-approved product, the Power Protector E-Rickshaw batteries come with a 6, 9, 12, 15 & 18 months warranty period with high cycle life altogether.

The cost of an E-Rikshaw is quite reasonable and has been discovered to have reliable high-load performance as well as lesser maintenance than other batteries.

The battery has a design in the form of a tube for the positive plate and a grid-pasted design for its negative plate. This design allows the accumulation of more active material than any other plate technology.

Power Protector offers an E-Rickshaw battery, that anyone can afford without making an extra effort on their budget. Another factor that set the Power Protector battery apart, is all its competitors that have a higher run time per charge.

The specially designed chargers also ensure that the recharge process is smoother and faster. It contributes to the battery having the lowest cost per kilometer and is highly vibration resistant.

Consumer Benefits

Power Protector E-Rickshaw Battery provides a steady performance at an affordable cost to the customer
Environmental friendly aqua trap vent plugs specially designed to ensure low acidic fumes & low spillage
Low Maintenance - very low water topping up required in comparison to other brands
Product available in different warranty segments ranging from 6, 9, 12, 15 & 18 months
Highly reliable compared to other flat plate batteries available in the market
The lowest per km cost ensures more saving