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The ideal inverter is the one that can power your home and business place seamlessly without any interruptions for long hours, and that is exactly what Power Protector delivers! We provide world-class high-capacity inverters that provide an immaculate power supply in all conditions. Power Protector electrical inverters come in various models designed for specific needs, from household to commercial requirements; our electrical inverters fulfill them all! All your home and office appliances will run with optimum efficiency and effectiveness with our electrical inverters. Our inverters have a built-in fast and intelligent charging system with higher energy retention, which means they charge fast and have a more extended backup duration.

NORMAL 850VA - 12V

NORMAL 1450VA - 24V


  • Output Wave Form
  • Power Card Design
  • Power Transformer Design
  • Charging Technology
  • Cooling
  • Mains Low Voltage
  • Wide Voltage Range
  • Display Type
  • Solar Charge Controller Rating
  • Solar Charge Controller Type
  • Protections


  • Sinusoidal Wave Form.
  • Microcontroller Based, MOSFET Topology.
  • Copper Winding.
  • ASIC (Automatic Sense Intelligent Control).
  • Air Cooled by in-built ventilation cooling Fan.
  • Available.
  • LCD & LED Indicator.
  • Output Short Circuit Protection with Audio
  • Battery Reverse Protection Through DC Fuse.
  • Short Circuit Protection at Mains Mode
    through Thermal Circuit Breaker/ AC Fuse

    with Audio Alarm.
  • Battery Under Voltage and Over Voltage
    Charge Protection.
  • Intelligent Overload Sensing Circuitry with
    auto retries facility with Audio Alarm.
  • Phase Reverse Protection as Short Circuit.
    with Audio Alarm
  • Over Temperature Protection with Audio