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Gel Battery

PPGEL Series is a 12V Tubular Gel VRLA SMF battery to be supplied in sealed and factory charged condition. The offered battery is 12V monobloc exclusive of any accessories. The said battery type finds it application as Solar batteries.

Gel Battery ​


  • 12volts Monoblock for ease of stacking Flexibility and installation
  • Space-saving design for the highest amount of power
  • Offered in a wide range to meet customer requirements
  • Terminal Post Design
  • Lead Tin coated copper alloy connectors to minimize maintenance
  • Low internal resistance values for each cell.In-house manufactured PVC Separators
  • Thicker spines positive grids and Tin Calcium Alloys
    Robust polypropylene copolymer monobloc container and cover
  • High-performing vent plugs with built-in flame arrestor


  • Wind hybrid systems.
  • Renewable energy.
  • Grid-scale energy storage.
  • Office automation equipment.
  • Aircraft Signal-DC Power Supply.
  • Medical Equipment, Electronic Apparatus.
  • Electrical Power Systems (EPS).
  • Emergency Backup Power Supply.
  • Railway Signal.
  • Communications.
  • Off Grid/Solar.
  • Solar Photovoltaic.