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We make use of the high-surface carbon in our Power Protector batteries which makes them run for life. Not only it improves the discharge process of the batteries but also makes sure of a fast recovery in the deep cycle.

It is suited for frequent as well as long power cuts. These particular batteries hold a long life cycle and lighten up every moment of your life.

The usage of special-grade polyethylene separators gives results in high-volume porosity as well as higher mechanical strength. Our Power Protector batteries ask for low water top-up and the life expectancy is up to 5-6 years.

From industrial use to household applications these batteries run for life and also power your world with brightness.




  • Output Wave Form
  • Power Card Design
  • Power Transformer Design
  • Charging Technology
  • Cooling
  • Mains Low Voltage
  • Wide Voltage Range
  • Display Type
  • Solar Charge Controller Rating
  • Solar Charge Controller Type
  • Protections


  • Sinusoidal Wave Form.
  • Microcontroller Based, MOSFET Topology.
  • Copper Winding.
  • ASIC (Automatic Sense Intelligent Control).
  • Air Cooled by in-built ventilation cooling Fan.
  • Available (8~10Amp Current at 120V Mains
    Input if battery voltage below 13V).
  • Wide Voltage Range from 90V – 300V for Charging.
  • LCD & LED Indicator.
  • 30Amp (for upto 1450VA) & 50Amp (for 2KVA only).
  • PWM Hybrid.
  • Output Short Circuit Protection with Audio
  • Battery Reverse Protection Through DC Fuse.
  • Short Circuit Protection at Mains Mode
    through AC Fuse with Audio Alarm.
  • Battery Under Voltage and Over Voltage
    Charge Protection.
  • ntelligent Overload Sensing Circuitry with
    auto retries facility with Audio Alarm.
  • Phase Reverse Protection as Short Circuit
    with Audio Alarm.
  • Over Temperature Protection with Audio
  • PV Reverse Protection with audio alarm.
  • Reverse Current Flow Protection.

Consumer Benefits

* Power Protector Batteries offer a steady performance at an affordable cost.

* It is an environmentally friendly aqua trio vent plug that ensures low acidic fumes
* Perform consistently under any conditions.
* Low maintenance - very low water topping up required
* All the products are available in multiple warranty segments starting from 48 months to 120 months warranty
* Reliable enough to be compared with normal flat plate batteries
* One of the notable features of Power Protector Batteries is fast charging.