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agm VRLA Batteries


PP VRLA series is a 12V AGM VRLA SMF battery, to be supplied in sealed and factory charged condition. The offered battery is 12V monobloc exclusive of any accessories. The said battery type finds it application as Solar and UPS batteries.

PP 100-12 (12V 100 AH)

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  • Sealed Maintenance Free
  • Eco Friendly
  • Easy Handling -Easy Installation
  • Low Self Discharge
  • Superior High Rate Discharge
  • High Reliability
  • Deep Cycle Application
  • Free from Orientation Constraints
  • Minimal Voltage Drop
  • Ready to Use
  • Extended Cycle Life
  • Charge Retention & Recovery


  • Positive and negative plates in the lead-tin-calcium alloy.
  • The electrolyte is absorbed within this material, preventing acid leakage in case of accidental damage.
  • Terminals with a large surface area with brass insert to provide maximum conductivity.
  • 100% ensured capacity (through Data-logger) during manufacturing.
  • Especially suited for UPS & Power Applications.
  • Separator – low resistance microporous glass fiber.
  • Self-regulating pressure relief valve.
  • Stronger, sturdier & attractive packaging.

PP 150-12 (12V 150 AH)

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PP 200-12 (12V 200 AH)

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